Top 6 Civil Engineering Apps For Civil Engineers

Every time when you used to get the book in your hand it feels bored for you and we know this. This article is for learning something from android apps. Yeah, you are right we are going to write top 5 civil engineering apps. All around the world civil engineers or civil engineering students both searches for best civil engineering apps. They simultaneously also used to search construction apps for android, best app for civil engineers, building construction apps for android, android construction apps, apps for civil engineering students, etc.

People have not restricted themselves on searching about civil engineering apps only they also do searches about mechanical engineering apps, electrical engineering apps, structural engineering apps, chemical engineering apps, or simply engineering apps, etc.

We all knows that the android mobile users have been increased in past few years. Mobile apps make the work easy and comfort. It is much portable and comfort to access the apps on mobile. You can design an app, learn the basic concepts of civil engineering and much more on these civil engineering apps.

Why Use Civil Engineering Apps?

civil engineering apps

The question arises here for the use of civil engineering apps for bit knowledgeable that it is handy and portable. This app can be used anywhere while you are traveling, working on the construction site, seating at your office and whenever you have leisure time to work on these civil engineering apps. If your phone memory or RAM is not working properly then you can uninstall it anytime and again you can download it or install it. Basically civil engineering apps are developed for making your work easy. As you can’t be with your laptop anytime and work on the software for civil engineers.

Some civil engineering apps are developed for learning purpose to enhance your skill or you can prepare yourself for several competitive exams like GATE. Below app will help you like you are holding GATE book for civil engineering.

Top 6 Civil Engineering Apps For Civil Engineers

1. AutoCAD 360

AutoCAD 360 is developed and design for free DWG viewing application, with easy-to-use drawing and drafting tools that allow you to view, create, edit, and share AutoCAD drawings across the web and mobile devices – anytime, anywhere. Simplify your site visits with the most powerful drafting and editing tool available.

The AutoCAD 360, civil engineering apps offer an abundance of features and capabilities. Upload and open 2D DWG drawings directly from email or external storage and view all aspects of your DWG file, including external references, layers, and image underlays. Upgrade to AutoCAD 360 Pro to enable editing and drawings tools. Whether working online or offline, in the office or in the field, design every detail, everywhere.

Download the App – AutoCAD 360

2. Civil Engineering Basics

The app is a complete free handbook of Civil Engineering Basics which covers important topics, notes, materials, news & blogs on the course. Download the App as a reference material & digital book for Civil engineering programs & tech degree courses which are the best android apps for civil engineering students as well as among civil engineering apps.

This useful mobile App lists 60 topics with detailed notes, diagrams, equations, formulas & course material, the topics are listed in 5 chapters. The app is must have for all the engineering science students & professionals.

The app provides quick revision and reference to the important topics like a detailed flash card notes, it makes it easy & useful for the student or a professional to cover the course syllabus quickly before an exams or interview for jobs.

Download the App – Civil Engineering Basics

3. Concrete Mix Design

This app considered as the best civil engineering apps among all for concrete mix design, Structural engineers, and contractors to calculate the materials proportion into the concrete mix. It follows the guidelines of IS: 10262-2009 and IS: 456 for calculating the mix proportion.

Accurately calculates the amount of cement, water content, fine aggregate, coarse aggregates and admixture content per 1 m3 of concrete depending upon the desired strength and slump value.Simply enter the Grade of concrete, Choose water-cement ratio and fill out the properties of the materials you going to use and then press calculate.

The amount of required quantities of the materials will be shown in the kilograms/m3.

For the best results, it is advised to go for a number of trials with the same quantities and then finalize the proportions as materials having different types of properties produce different types of results.

Download the App – Concrete Mix Design

4. Civil Engineering Magazine

If you like to read magazine or news then it is best suits you. This civil engineering app has been published on google play for civil engineers and is considered as the civil engineering magazine. Which is one of the best magazine app in civil engineering apps list as this app is developed by the American Society of Civil Engineers. This app also considered as the award-winning app. This application is powered by GTxcel, a leader in digital publishing technology, the provider of hundreds of online digital publications and mobile magazine apps.

Download the App – Civil Engineering Magazine

5. Civil Engineering Dictionary

A detailed Civil Engineering Dictionary App from AboutCivil.Org for android users. The dictionary contains more than 10,000 words and their definitions, along with images. The definitions are technical, detailed and explained according to Civil Engineering field. All the definitions are in simple English for easy understanding which is best among the other civil engineering apps as civil engineering dictionary app.

Features of Civil Engineering Dictionary Include:

  • Easy Searching of words through search bar at the top.
  • Users can search the words by just typing a few characters and words suggestions are shown.
  • Users can search for the detailed definitions of the words as well.
  • Explanatory images with 100’s of words.
  • Ability to “Add a Word to Favorite” for later use.
  • And much more.

Download the App – Civil Engineering Dictionary

6. Civil Engineering MCQ

When it comes to enhancing the knowledge all look for right and correct app which must be meant for enhancing skills. Let you know civil engineering MCQ provides various multiple questions to improve and practice yourself while you are using this app.

It contains over 1500 questions covering all topics including Fluid Mechanics, Building Materials, Construction, Structural Analysis, Design of Steel Structures, Soil Mechanics, Highway Engineering, Airport Engineering, Foundation Engineering, Surveying, Water Resources, Irrigation, Concrete Technology, Design of Concrete Structures, Railway Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Design of Masonry Structures, Applied Mechanics, Tunnel Engineering, Graphic Statics, Docks, Harbour Engineering, Strength of Materials, etc. Therefore it is one of the finest civil engineering apps for solving MCQ type question.

These days all exams pattern are similar and asked many MCQ questions. So if you considered not to visit coaching institute to learn and solve the tricky question and wants the bunch of question to solves then this app is meant and made for you.

Download the App – Civil Engineering MCQ