Top 3 Chemical Engineering Apps for iOS

The internet makes everything available at your fingertips. Using smartphones and tablets is much more convenient, especially for people on-the-go who need to be updated about everything all the time. Mobile apps, on the other hand, make all of this possible. Instead of browsing the internet for every information you need, it’s much more convenient to tap on the app’s logo and find it out. According to many, the online world is going to replace physical appearance in most situations. People are divided on this topic because while some supporting technology in everyday life, others are against it.

Mobile Apps Tailored for Indians

There is literally anything you need on the internet. Videos, games, music, books…One thing is sure- the world is prepared for going online and especially games have benefited the most today because they are more accessible to players from all around the world than ever before. Thanks to smartphone apps, everything is available at your fingertips. Even online you can even find casino table games tailored for Indian players just by clicking on the app’s logo in Google Play or Play Store.

Chemical engineers, like many other professionals in the field, also take advantage of mobile apps. It gives them all the data necessary for daily performance, as well as the convenience of having all information at hand at any time when you need them. After all, they need to work according to the highest of standards and impress employers

According to statistics, more users have downloaded apps from the App Store on iPhone devices than from the Play Store on Android smartphones. The more complex problems an app can process, the bigger the number of information and calculations, the better the app is. Here are some of the most useful mobile apps for Chemical Engineers that simply make their lives easier.

Chemical Engineering Apps

Chemical Engineering

This app is suitable for both students and professionals in chemical engineering. It’s considered one of the best chemical engineering apps for iOS users. It contains all basic relevant information related to chemical engineering, as well as enough coverage of the design and operation of industrial chemical plants. To keep in touch with all the latest news from chemical engineering topics, download the Chemical Engineering app.

ICheme: The Chemical Engineer

This app is an all-rounder offering a bunch of useful things for the chemical engineer. The app is well-optimized for iOS devices. The app notifies users about all innovations, technical advances, as well as business news from the chemical engineering world. It’s definitely one of the best chemical engineering apps because it is constantly upgraded with all the latest news from the industry, such as tech-related news and the process of engineering. The articles featured on the app are written by experts in their respective fields.

Chemists Free: Virtual Chem Lab

This app is like a portable lab carrying all important information for chemical engineers they need in everyday work duties. Chemical engineers can use it to carry out chemistry experiments, as well as to explore chemical reactions and use different chemical tools. The app puts you in the shoes of a chemist who is performing various chemical reactions in tubes by pouring them into beakers. The strongest train of this app is the easy customization and user-friendly interface. Chemist Free: Virtual Chem Lab is definitely the app to recommend to chemical engineers using iOS smartphones.


The name of the app is already looking like a chemical formula. It is developed by the Chemical Engineering Department at the Sarvajanik College of Engineering and Technology. They organize an annual event taking place on the 16th and 17th of September. It’s an event that gathers chemical engineers in one place. The app comes with a lot of updates related to the tech fest because it is one of the biggest fests in the chemical engineering field. It is not without a reason why this app finds its place among the best chemical engineering apps for iOS devices.

Top Chemical engineering Apps