Top 10 Electrical Companies In The World

We do want to make it very clear that, although, that are probably a number of small electrical engineering firms out there; we just focused on the larger firms, that are famous worldwide and are counted among top 10 electrical companies in the world, based on specific requests and available information. The top 10 electrical companies are not written according to any rank.

Job scope in top 10 Electrical Companies In The World

This happens to be your line of work or you are thinking of entering this profession, then it will certainly serve you well to get acquainted with the top electrical engineering companies to work for. This way, you know which firms are hailed for their streamlined workplace practices and fair employee benefits, as well as how each rate in terms of employee retention.This list of top 10 electrical companies in the world, aims to provide you with crucial information to help you navigate the job market and find suitable jobs in the electrical engineering field. You can also look for the 10 Top Electrical Companies In India or Top 10 Electrical Wire Companies in India. Several of these companies are listed below.

List Of Top 10 Electrical Companies In The World

1. Schneider Electric – 1836

Schneider Electric, this tops the list of electrical companies in the world, as it is one of the world’s oldest providers of electrical equipment, started a business in 1836 in the iron and steel, heavy automation and shipping building industries, becoming an armament specialist by 1891. It further diversified into electrical equipment and automation to cater to the changing needs of the energy sector.Schneider partnered with Westinghouse, a leading electric company, in 1929 to expand its business portfolio to include electric motors, locomotives, and equipment for power plants.

Schneider Electric India Pvt. Ltd.
9th Floor, DLF Building No. 10, Tower C,
DLF Cyber City, Phase II,
Gurgaon - 122002
Haryana, India
Tel: +91 124 3940 400
Fax: +91 124 4222 036

2. Siemens 

This is a German-based multinational conglomerate and Europe’s biggest engineering company making it counted even among the top 10 electrical companies in the world, Siemens is one of the oldest providers of equipment to the energy, transmission and healthcare industries. Siemens was formed when Werner von Siemens wanted to improve the design of the telegraph. After patenting the dynamo principle in 1866, Siemens started making dynamos to aid in the generation and distribution of electricity. Werner von Siemens also initiated the foundation of a telegraph line between London and Calcutta (now Kolkata), in 1867. It was in the UK in 1881, that a Siemens AC alternator was used to light up a street electrically for the first time.

Siemens Limited
Birla Aurora, Level 21,
Plot No. 1080,
Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli,
Mumbai - 400030
Tel.: +91 (022) 39677000
Fax: +91 (022) 39677500

3. Lockheed Martin Corporation

Lockheed Martin Corporation is located in the United States’ leading manufacturer and provider of advanced systems for military applications. Electrical engineers who are fortunate enough to land a job with this esteemed firm have the chance to collaborate with some of the country’s and the world’s engineers, scientists, and innovators to develop aircraft, radars, and surveillance systems for combat and military use. It is considered as one of the top 10 electrical companies in the world.

1-8-371, 2nd Floor, 
Gowra Trinity, Chiran Fort Lane, 
Patigadda, Begumpet, 
Hyderabad, Telangana 500016

4. General Electric

General Electric’s reach is wide-ranging, starting from the aviation and the energy sectors just two of its most crucial interests. Electrical engineers who land jobs with General Electric have the chance to work with esteemed innovators, engineers, and scientists to develop economically viable and environmentally sustainable clean-energy systems that utilize air, solar, and wave power. General Electric, specifically its subsidiary GE Aviation, designs, develops and manufactures aircraft engines for military and commercial applications as well, certainly a job that requires the expertise of electrical engineers.This is definitely one of the top 10 electrical companies in the world.

1-8-359 to 363, Center Point, 
Chiran Fort Lane, SP Road, Begumpet, 
Secunderabad, Telangana 500003

5. Emerson

Emerson Electric Manufacturing Company, one of the top 10 electrical companies in the world, leading electrical equipment manufacturer founded in 1890 in St.Louis, Missouri, shortened its name to Emerson in 2000. The company was formed by John Wesley Emerson in partnership with Charles and Alexander Meston.It started by manufacturing electric motors and fans and became the biggest manufacturer of airplane armaments during World War II. Emerson continued to evolve as a key player in the energy sector through a number of development and acquisitions including that of China’s leading network power provider, Avansys, in 2001.

3rd Floor, F-3 Tower, 
Landmark Plaza, 
Plot No. A-40A, Phase - VIII B, 
Industrial Area, 
Quark City India Pvt. Ltd. (SEZ), 
Mohali, Punjab - 160059

6. Legrand

Legrand, a French electrical company and world leader in electrical and digital building infrastructures, was founded long back in the year 1904.The workshop was renamed Betoule Legrand & Co. in 1911 and started producing electrical wiring devices in 1919, and was further renamed Legrand & Co by 1924. A fire in 1949 destroyed the porcelain tableware business at the porcelain and electrical devices factory after which the company decided to focus on its electrical wiring division.

6th-floor Kalpataru Square, 
Kondivita Road, Off Andheri Kurla road, 
Andheri (East). Mumbai - 400 059

7. Prysmian

Prysmian Cables & Systems, an Italian manufacturer of energy and telecom cables and systems, and the leader in cable manufacturing worldwide merged with Draka to form the Prysmian Group in 2011. Prysmian was originally founded in 1872 as Ditta Pirelli & C and has grown to become the world’s biggest manufacturer of power and telecommunication cables.

Singapore Cables Manufacturers Pte Ltd 
No 20. Jurong Port Road, Jurong Town
Tel (65) 6461 7800 / 6265 0707

8.The Boeing Company

This name is one of the longest successfully running name in the field of electrical companies.A long-established and highly regarded aeronautics firm, the Boeing Company continues to be one of the top provider of jetliners for passenger and other commercial transport purposes. This being the case, it is then no wonder that the company continues to require the expertise that only electrical engineers can provide. Working for the firm not only brings prestige but also the opportunity to further grow one’s skills and career in the electrical engineering field.

3rd Floor, DLF Center,
Sansad Marg,
New Delhi 110001
Tel: +91 11 46566000

9.Shell Oil Company

Shell Oil Company continues to be one of the biggest names in the oil, mining, and extraction sector. Currently operating in practically all parts of the world to explore, develop, extract, and transport energy, it makes perfect sense that the company needs the expertise the likes of electrical engineers can provide. Those in the profession will surely have all opportunity to apply their know-how and skills in developing electrical systems that streamline Shell’s processes.Being in the right electrical engineering company is crucial, as it will also help you grow professionally and propel you toward opportunities offering career growth; and we hope that our list of the top electrical engineering companies to work for will help guide you in finding the best job for you.

Level 9A, Two Horizon Centre
Golf Course Road, DLF Phase V
Sector - 43
Gurgaon - 122002
Tel.: +91 124 6661500

10. BMW Group

Long-established firm BMW creates some of the most-hailed automobiles sold on the market today. Providing top-quality motorized vehicles is certainly no easy feat, but it is something that BMW excels in, thanks to its network of designers and innovators. Electrical engineers who successfully land a job in the esteemed firm have the chance to grow not just their skills but their respective careers as well.

Determining your career path entails more than just studying your specialization of choice. It also requires finding the right company to work for, as that is where you will apply your know-how and hopefully where you will learn new skills as well.

Building No 8, 
Tower B, 7th Floor,
Dlf Cyber City, Gurgaon - 
122002, Phase 2