The Most Functional Websites Made by IT Geniuses

Technology-enabled us to reach heights we never thought are possible. With the rise of the Internet, many of the everyday services that we use have transferred online and they are just a few clicks away. From the looks of it, our future is looking bright as we march forward towards new inventions that have a purpose to make our lives easier.

Right now, we have to work with what we got, so we decided to take a turn on one of the Internet’s coolest features – its websites. There are millions of registered websites. Some of them are functional and have top teams that are taking care of it, some don’t. 

An interesting thing that we wanted to mention is that India has some of the best IT companies in the region. These companies are experts in creating fully functional sites and a bigger part of them are situated in Delhi

With this thought in mind, we decided to name a few websites that have proven to be extremely good in design and functionality. Let’s check out some of our top picks.

Online Casinos and Sportsbooks that Accept Numerous Payment Methods

Online casinos are sprinting towards the number 1 slot as the highest profit-makers in the gambling industry. They gained popularity in 2015 and since then, they showed no signs of slowing down. The reason why millions of people around the world started going online instead of visiting the land-based casinos is due to the large number of advantages that casino sites have. Many rewards, anonymity, great games, and easy access are just a fraction of the advantages.

In India, online casinos and sportsbooks have become very popular because people can access them from the comfort of their home, rather than having to travel to one of the 3 provinces where these games are legal. To make things even better, these sites accept numerous payment methods. One of the most used methods by Indian people is Neteller. For the people that are willing to use this method, we found a list of Indian casinos and sportsbooks that accept Neteller, so make sure you check them out.

The reason why we decided to feature these sites as one of the most functional is that their server is fully optimized to deal with multiple transactions, allows thousands of people to go online and play various games and has a great security software. 

Facebook as a Social Media Site and Marketplace

You knew that Facebook’s site would be featured on this list. It’s simply phenomenal how they managed to combine this platform for both entertainment and business purposes. For users, Facebook is a good place to catch up with all your friends and family. It also offers tons of entertaining things to do, like playing games or watching videos.

On the business note, they managed to turn their site into the world’s biggest marketplace. The cookie policy enabled Facebook to track the preferences of its users, which is why it was only a matter of time before advertising was introduced. It’s very easy for business owners to target their desired audience and place ads on their news feed and achieve a wider reach.

E-Commerce Sites

Lastly, we have e-commerce sites like eBay and Amazon. These sites’ functionality is so great that it allows millions of people around the world to browse for various items that they want to buy. Similar to online casinos, they also deal with electronic payments, but they don’t accept a lot of payment methods. E-commerce sites use credit and debit cards for all types of transactions.