List Of 10 Top Construction Companies In China

China, located in southeastern Asia, is the world’s most populous country. Due to this population boom, China needs to generate a lot of jobs, infrastructure, technology so, we bring you the 10 Top Construction Companies in China. This country is one of the largest countries by area. China is one of the oldest civilizations in the world that emerged on the fertile basin of the yellow river. It has emerged as a superpower in every field, both due to technology and infrastructure, due to the 10 Top Construction Companies in China.

Job scope in the List Of 10 Top Construction Companies in China

The roadways have increased significantly, there is the longest highway system in the world. There are around 81 bridges and tunnels. this company has the largest market of automobiles but the bicycle is the main way to commute to meet. China has seriously urbanized, that has shown quite progress in the infrastructures. They also have a lot of job scope in all the fields, due to the 10 Top Construction Companies in China. There are also many rural migrants that come to the urban area in search of work, currently, 55% of the population lives in the urban region. The life expectancy and healthcare facilities have got a serious boom and have become advanced due to the growing technology. We have brought you the 10 Top Construction Companies In China.

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List of 10 Top Construction Companies In China

1. Anhui Construction Engineering Group

Counted among the top engineering contractors, Anhui Construction Engineering Group Overseas Development Co. This company has taken up many projects in the global platform. This company was selected to build the 7th China-Bangladesh Friendship Bridge and this company undertakes many other international projects.

26-29 Floor 459 
Huangshan Road,
TEL:+86 551 62865001 62865017 62872714

2. Beijing Construction Engineering Group

Beijing Construction Engineering Group (BCEG) is one best engineering firm and construction company, it has many overseas and built many infrastructures. In the year 2012, it ranked in the 50th largest construction company in the world. It has international branches spread across the whole world. this company is referred to as the magnet of jobs.

11th Floor,
No.1,Guanglian Road,
Xicheng District,Beijing,

3. China Dalian International Economic and Technical Cooperation Group

This is counted among 10 Top Construction Companies In China. This civil engineering company is involved in many sectors other than engineering and construction. It is involved in fishing, trading, aquaculture and many other aquatic products processing. The construction division is heavily focused on the international market and is earning a very steady profit of it. the construction work carried out by this company is heavily praised.

219 Huanghe Rd,
Xigang Qu, Dalian Shi, 
Liaoning Sheng, China, 116011

4. China Railway Construction Corporation Limited

This is a state-owned construction company in China, and also the second largest construction and engineering company in the world due to the revenue generated. This civil engineering company was incorporated in the year 2007. And has many stocks in the market.

Yushan Rd, 
ShiShan, Huqiu Qu, 
Suzhou Shi, Jiangsu Sheng, 

5. China Wu Yi co., Ltd. 

One of the 10 Top Construction Companies In China, carries out many international projects and ranks 250th in the world. This has a chile company named Fujian Construction Engineering Group Company. It has single-handedly carried out 18 projects in Kenya and provides a tough competition in the market to all the  European construction companies.

89 Wusi Rd, 
WuSi Lu ZhongYang ShangWu Qu, 
Gulou Qu, Fuzhou Shi, 
Fujian Sheng, China, 350001

6. China State Construction Engineering

The China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) is one of the biggest civil engineering company in China, providing a sea of job opportunities, and 14th largest in terms of sale. It has constructed many hospitals and school. this construction company is counted amongst the 10 Top Construction Companies In China.

China, Shanghai Shi, 
Changning Qu, 
Jianhe Rd, 2378号, 
Building 2, Hongqiao Business Center

7. Sichuan Road and Bridge Group

Sichuan Road and Bridge Group (abbreviated as SRBG) as the name says they are the experts in the field of construction and build civil projects in the domestic and international market. The company has very good foreign relations and employs around 3000 labors, creating a huge job scope. Mainly they are pioneers in the field of building roads and hospitals. It is also expertise in the field of marketing.

Chengdu city high tech Zone 
nine Hing Road No.12 
Zip code:610041 

8. Sinosteel Corporation 

Sinosteel Corporation is also a state-owned company focused on training, mining, instrument manufacture, and engineering. It is also the supplier of raw materials at the global level. It processes logistic service system, it is the country’s second largest importer of iron ore. It also carried outbidding services in iron. It was founded in the year 1993.

Sinoteel Plaza,
8Haidian St.,
Beijing, P.R.China

9. China Energy Engineering Corporation

China Energy Engineering Corporation or Energy China was started in the year 2011, it is also a state-owned company and its headquarters in Beijing. It mainly is in the field of power production but also, is now a well-established name in the field of infrastructure.

China Energy Engineering Corporation Limited
Building 1, No. 26, 
XIDAWANG Road, Chaoyang District, 
Beijing China .Postcode: 100022
Tel (head office): 010-59099999   Fax (head office): 010-5909888

10. Anhui Foreign Economic Construction Group

Anhui Foreign Economic Construction Group (AFECC) mainly focuses on overseas business. it also ranks in the among the top 225 contractors in terms of international projects. It has performed many charitable works and has created a medical mission called the “Brightness Trip”, in which is a team of doctors that keep visiting the hospitals of Malawi treated patients with cataract conditions.

China Hefei 
East Road No.28 
phone: 86-551-63492558 Fax: 86-551-63492537