List Of Best Electrical Engineering Apps For Android Phones

Smart phones made our lifestyles too clever, convenient and easy. Here is a list to best electrical engineering  apps for android, anyone after which we electrical and electronics engineers, contractors, electricians, hobbyists and students like a list of the first-rate electrical and electronics engineering apps to be established on our Smart phones and mobiles, because these programs could make your job quicker like perfect. The area and variety of cell apps has multiplied and grown so much inside the beyond few years that maximum phone and tablet owners have come to be dependent on these packages and cannot pass on in the day without the use of them

One career which blessings load from Android applications is electrical engineering. There are numerous programs that have been created to fit the needs of an electrical engineer and the list of the best electrical engineering Android apps for this profession has been given beneath. You can also have a look at the Top 10 Best Electrical Calculation Apps For Engineers.

List of best electrical engineering apps for android:

1) Electro Droid

That is the maximum popular and really useful app for electrical engineers and is derived with several code calculators. This app has a lovable series of many diagrams and has been downloaded via more than one hundred thousand telephone owners.  It could be bought without cost, making it one of the best electrical engineering apps for android.

This app is available in an unfastened advert-supported model or a paid model. To download this app you can search the Google Play shop or comply with these hyperlinks: you can download the paid model of the app, Electro Droid seasoned

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2) Droid Tesla

This app is a circuit simulator for your Android phone! Unlike a number of the opposite Android simulators that simplest guide a few additives, Droid Tesla has a huge listing ranging from common sense Gates to JFETS, making it one of the best electrical engineering apps for Android. This app is to be had in variations. A free version is to be had that has a constrained approximately of additives. A paid version, presently indexed at $12.00 USD, contains a wider variety of components.

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3) Android Electrician

The utility has nearly perfect/ full score and has been endorsed by way of many a people, it is one of the best electrical engineering apps for Android. The listing of calculations and capabilities this app supports appears to be infinite. And the help it offers the electricians with is likewise commendable.

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4)  Electrical Calculator

It is primarily based on the united states NEC 2008/ 2011 formulations, the builders have designed an Android well-matched calculator app. So now you want now not destroy your intellectual strength with the aid of doing all the calculations manually. Simply get the app and leave the calculations absolutely to it, it is one of a kind and considered as one of the best electrical engineering apps for Android.

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5) Electric tool Lite

The utility packs some of the awesome features which might be required by means of the electricians frequently for his or her jobs. This app is one of the best android apps as considered for engineering. The app is constant with varies legal guidelines and calculations just like the pire wheel/ the ohm’s regulation, conduit fill, burial depth calculation and lots of other motor electric components.

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6) Electric Calculations

This app is introduced to you by means of the Ettore Gallina and is said to be critical for all the electricians and different electrical specialists. The calculation app helps numerous forms of calculation features, conversion features and lots of extras. It additionally helps more than one language which makes it evergreen and frequent. It is used for one of the hardest calculations and is one of the best electrical engineering apps for Android.

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7) Every Circuit

It is an easy and useful application for Android users which lets you construct and simulate circuit ideas. This app comes with numerous beneficial gear and capabilities and additionally has a top rate version which comes for $10, that is very less as this app is one of the best electrical engineering apps for Android.

Every Circuit app lets you remember that how to do design distinctive important electronic circuits and the way they paintings. In this app, you could construct any electrical or electronic circuit like a logic gate, LED flashing circuits, Resistive, inductive, capacitive, operational amplifier and other electric & electronics circuits.

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8) All Charts

This app is mainly designed for electrical engineers and is likewise beneficial for individuals who are within the production enterprise as it calculates voltage drops, percentage fills and is full of many different remarkable features as nicely. This app is given a score of 4.5 stars.

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9)  Voltage drop Lite

That is a completely available and correct voltage drop calculator which every electric engineer need to have on his telephone. This app is rated 4.5 stars and can be downloaded totally free on Android, making it one of the coolest and the best electrical engineering apps for Android.

The digital tool kit provides to calculate unknown portions inside the subject of electrical and electronics engineering. It presents a resistor color code, energy calculator, and Ohm’s regulation, series, Parallel, and series/Parallel aggregate of inductors, capacitor, and resistors.

It is also calculated resistivity, electricity issue triangle, i.e. lively, reactive and apparent, magnetic fields, reactances and much extra. This app also comes in variations, unfastened and seasoned. At the same time as pro model permits you to apply greater functions.
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10) Electrical Technology Android App

“Electrical Technology” is a very basic Android App (developed by us) for Electrical & Electronics Engineering students and Technicians.

The plus point of this Electrical Android App is that you can use it offline i.e. without internet connection. So you are able to use the useful Electrical tools as well as Electrical & Electronics Engineering Calculators and Articles to learn something new anytime, anywhere without worrying about mobile data charges and it is also free app, so you can keep learning without a worry to pay, hence it is one of the best electrical engineering apps.

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