Engineering Students Build Baja Vehicle for Competition

Groups of students from universities around the world have been designing and building vehicles that would eventually participate in an international competition. The students are working together to develop an off-road vehicle which will be taking part in the Automotive Engineers’ Annual Baja Competition. While some companies like EyeRide Online are focusing on designing devices that will optimize fleet operations, these students have been going through a long list of rules to create a vehicle for this competition. After a period of like nine months and some simulations, trials, and revisions, then the off-road vehicle is ready to participate in the contest. The amazing fact is that these students are using textbook theory and designs to come up and also test the performance of these recreational sports cars. Then the vehicle when ready will compete against 100 others from universities around the world.

Technical inspection is a must

For the teams to feature in the competition, they first have to pass the technical check. Every year an average of 20 teams usually fail this inspection. In the first two days of the competition, qualified judges will evaluate not only the design but also the sales presentation of the vehicle. Experts who have specialized in specific fields judge the vehicle in various categories. Automotive experts will enquire from the students about the choice and function of those vehicles. Every team will then pitch their car so that it appears as if they are selling it to a mass market.

Next test is on the cars

The capability of the vehicle has to be ascertained through carrying out tests. The usual tests carried out include braking, acceleration tests, how the vehicles take sharp turns and hill climbing. These tests have to be run because the main event is usually an endurance course and lasts up to four hours. Sometimes the track can have some water obstacles and water terrains and as such running these tests on the cars will help determine if the vehicles have the capability of completing the competition safely without harming any of the competitors.

Engines must not exceed a stock-10 horsepower engine

The horsepower engine of every team must not go beyond stock-10 as this competition is aimed at engineering a competitive power to weight ratio. This is to ensure that a car which is not heavy can manage to accelerate faster than its fellow competitors. These students use computer programs to simulate the design elements, ascertaining their effectiveness by virtually testing them and then incorporating them in the vehicle is found to be effective.

The skills acquired are giving the students good job prospects

Many automotive engineering firms are now hiring students who have designed cars that have participated in the Baja competitions. Building a car that takes part in this competition is a no easy task. From combining the textbook designs to coming up with the real thing, not forgetting the number of tests, calculations, and simulations that have to be carried out, the students must be talented. The car must also pass the judges checklist to be cleared to take part in the competition. Automotive engineering firms cannot get any better engineers than these students.