The Best Power Tools For Construction & Trade Industries

Power tools are devices whose activation occurs by an activated power source other than manual labor. They are mainly used to cut, saw, polish, and drill materials. And their usage is massive in the construction, automobile, aerospace, oil, and gas industries. In fact, the power tools used in present times are relatively easy to use and provide comfort while operating, thus generating good results. Let us find more about the common ones that are used in the construction industry, if you want to buy tools for trade visit data power tools to get a complete list of what’s available. If you want heavy equipment, you can get them here. Visit here to get the best mini excavators.

Power or cordless drill

This is the first power tool in the list which every construction worker must-have. It is an electric drill that comes with rechargeable batteries. These drills possess enough strength to drill into thick wooden and metal planks. There is also a presence of corded drills that are lightweight and more powerful than cordless ones. However, they are very noisy and have restricted mobility.

Rotary Hammer

This is effective equipment utilized in the construction industry to carry out heavy-duty jobs like drilling or chiseling into materials. It uses a piston mechanism that gives more impact energy in comparison to a hammer drill. This makes it perfect for tasks that require more speed, efficiency, and power. 

Impact wrench

This power tool is also known as an air gun or torque gun that provides a large amount of torque and a small exertion. This power is then used to loosen nuts from cars and trucks. This tool makes a lot of whirring and loud noise, so use a hearing protection aid while working with them. 

Electric screwdriver

An Electric screwdriver is regarded as one of the most compact, handy, and extremely useful construction industry tools. Construction workers use electric screwdrivers for fastening two objects and assembling furniture. The best part is it can be used with any bit type, but you will require a high Ah rating battery. 

Wall chaser

This is a specialized tool used for cutting grooves and creating channels into the walls for easy installation of electrical pipes or wiring. The presence of an electric motor helps to put the disc in motion and makes it easier to reach the packed wall spaces. All in all, this handheld power tool provides versatility to the user. 

Heat Gun 

This power tool uses electricity to generate hot air that can then be used in many other tasks. These include bending hard plastic, drying wood or tubing, thawing frozen pipes or even shrinking materials like film. The temperature reaches around 100 to 500 degrees Celsius, which is directed through a nozzle and spread by an electric fan. 

Biscuit jointer

It is also known as a plate jointer and is used to join two wood pieces together. It has rounded saw blades that help to cut small holes in the opposite edges of wood pieces or panels. The compressed biscuit is then glued together so that it can stay intact. These biscuits can then be used as per project requirements. But general usage is for joining sheets like medium-density fiberboard, plywood, etc.


It is a power tool used to smooth or flatten the uneven and rough edges of the wood. However, the jointer is not the same as the planer. Both of them serve a similar purpose, but still, there is a difference.  Planer gives parallel surfaces to both sides of wood pieces while jointer levels the edges and flattens the wood surface. 

The list of power tools shown above has revolutionized the entire construction industry. In fact, these help in accomplishing loads of work that might have required a lot of time and physical labor. And, of course, there is more to this list of power tools. If you know of any other, then mention them in the comment section. We will be happy to discuss them in the upcoming articles.