Seeking A Fulfilling Career In Project Management? PMI PMP Certification Is All You Need

Seeking A Fulfilling Career In Project Management? PMI PMP Certification Is All You Need

If you’re a project manager without the PMI PMP certification, your professionalism isn’t complete. Are you wondering why? Well, this is because the Project Management Professional also known as PMP is a globally recognized certificate that gives you a great standing in your project management career

Moreover, it is a fact that PMI PMP-certified project managers proficiently handle more than three fourth of many high-ranking projects globally. And in the same vein, companies with qualified managers are known for recording huge successes which the non-certified ones do not. So, as you can see, earning this badge will fetch you many cool benefits.

Advantages Of ObtainingThe PMI PMP Certification

Are you keen on discovering the advantages involved in being a PMIPMP-certified individual, and willing to go for it? Then, the following are the perks awaiting you

  • Competitive payment

PMP-qualified professionals come first in any organization, as they enjoy a competitive salary rate due to their internationally acclaimed accreditation, compared to others in their field. A recent survey by PMI states that PMP holders earn 25% above the professionals without this certificate.

  • Incomparable satisfaction

With a PMP badge under your belt, you will have sought-after project management skills and experience which in turn ensures your distinction as a credible and proficient project manager among peers. So, your career satisfaction gets to grow positively.

  • Global recognition

The PMP designation gives you a universal identity as a skilled and experienced project manager, especially based on the fact that the vendor is globally known. In other words, the chances of getting a job at one of the leading companies are getting better.

How Do You Earn The PMP Certification?

Just like every other certificate, earning the PMI PMP qualification demands you sit for an official proctored exam. This test consists of 180 questions of multiple-choice, multiple-response, matching, hotspot, and fill-in-the-blank formats, as well as designed to last 230 minutes.

So, are you ready to take this evaluation? These are what you need:

  • Get prepared for your in-person or online-based exam as soon as possible.
  • Prepare a computer with a webcam and a steady internet connection, if choosing the online testing.
  • Use a location free of distraction, for maximum concentration.

Requirements For Becoming PMP-Certified

You understand that taking such a serious exam implies certain requirements that the candidate must meet beforehand. Thus, you must have:

  • a four-year degree; OR either of an associate’s degree and a high school diploma
  • 36 leading projects; OR 60 months doing the same if you don’t have a four-year degree
  • 35 hours of training in project management ORPMI CAPM certificate

However, no matter the level of your education or project management experience, this exam needs you to prepare adequately. And as means of ensuring you attain success in the PMP evaluation, you can take advantage of varied training options such as study groups, self-study, and prep courses.


On a final note, professional project managers in more than 200 countries have upgraded their careers due to earning the PMI PMP certification. That’s because this designation has given them the strength, credibility, experience, and all that’s needed while increasing their salary scales. Thus, PMP ensures you will have all that it takes to build your skills to prepare you for future opportunities. As such, you’re encouraged to prepare diligently for obtaining a PMP credential!


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