Housing For Women By Origin Corp

Housing for women is a new real estate initiative and project by the origin Corp and named as the Atika. This special initiative in real estate field has been introducing to balance the equality in the nation. As women are the prime member of the house. They hold the full rights of our house for maintaining. Not only the married women but also the women who have not engaged yer or living with their relatives. They all are the queen of the house.

Housing For Women By Origin Corp

This initiative has been for the enthusiasm in women. Atika is a building in Mira Road by Origin Realtors LLP which caters specially for women’s housing and looking for their security. Now, the working girls who are living out of the station from their native place for the purpose of job or empowerment can be safe. They are free from coming back at any time from their work. Atika not only made the building for women’s security and empowerment encouragement but they also making a community and society for the growth of women’s all together.

Real Estate Initiative – Housing For Women

Housing for women

The key of the house must be on the right hand who manages all household. Yeah, the key must be on the hand of women. And this initiative will help all of us to have the equality. Today’s era all women are capable of having their own house whether they are married as housewives or working. However, the women manage all work of the house without being asked for the ownership. But having the house on their is a great change which can be brought by us.

It’s a little step towards the change, acknowledge, & respect towards women. We must understand the amount of work puts the women in the house.

As in the office men and women, both are able to put their name plates on the working table. In the same manner, the women are able and capable of housing themselves and the house must be on their names. It will be a “pride owning your home on your own name”.

It’s one little step suggested by Atika By Origin is to have the name plate on their names.

Women’s Are Considered as Backbone Of The Family

Women are considered as the backbone of the house as they not only run the house but they also take care of the family members. In today’s world, women and men both are participating in the growth of the nation and development of their personal life both in terms of economic and living standards.

In many houses, only one person is working and many of them are not feeling economic freedom? If the women come out to the house and work for their children’s development and owning a house in their name will be the better pride for them. It will bring great reformation and boost for women encouragement in their development. Women need that respect and the nation needs to say #MyHomeMyName, this video fully explains why: