Civil Engineering Interview Questions

For the reference purpose and an idea of the job interview, we have listed the civil engineering interview questions. It includes the basic questions which can be asked to you during your technical interview sessions. However, this civil engineering interview questions are not enough but it surely gives you an idea of the interview questions layout.

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Civil Engineering Interview Questions

Civil Engineering Interview Questions

1. What happens to Load at yielding?

2. What is Critical Path in Ms-Project?

3. where will be the reinforcement of slab placed when there is an inverted beam and the bottom of the beam and slab are at the same level?

4. Le-Chatelier apparatus used to determine?

5. Mean sea level MSL adopted by the survey of India for reference is located at?

6. Which grade of concrete is used for floor slab?

7. The raft slab is projected beyond the outer walls of the structure by

8. In House plumbing system, the leakage of different pipes is tested by

9. What is Planning?

10. What is the compressive strength of Brick?

11. What is the water absorption of first class brick?

12. Why we provide steel in Concrete?

13. Define Shear Force and in a structure subjected to gravity loads where will be the shear force?

14. Which are the Steel tests?

15. What type of cement will you use to construct a massive concrete dam?

16. What is the average temperature in sewage?

17. The property of a material by which it gets permanent deformation under a load which is not recovered after the removed load is called?

18. Which are the concrete Tests?

19. Initial & final setting time of concrete?

20. Is brick strength more than concrete block?

21. Why in Pakistan Bricks are used so much?

22. In a cantilever, where will the steel be provided and why?

23. What is Plinth Level and Sill Level?

24. which of the following type lime is used for underground water construction.

25. As the cement sets and hardens, it generates heat. What is the process named as?

26. Permussible stress may also be known as?

27. What is the value of Cv for sharp edge orrifice?

28. What is the most important constituent of cement?

29. How many bricks are there in 100cft?

30. 28 days compressive strength of concrete in PSI?

31. What is slump Test?

32. How can u check the diameter of steel after the construction?

33. What is specific gravity?

34. How cracks in concrete can be avoided?

35. Types Of DPC and its Thickness used?

36. What is called the property of a material by which it can be beaten or rolled?

37. As per IS 800: What is the factor of safety adopted with respect to the yield stress of steels?

38. 28 Days Strength of Concrete (1:2:4)?

39. What is the strength of brick?

40. what is Brest Wall?

41. what is Brick crushing strength(PSI)?

42. what is Bearing Capacity, joints areHow to determine it?

43. How much is the curing time period?

44. How many types of slabs are there & how to design it?

45. What are different types of joints?

46. Why are joints provided?

47. How many bricks are there in 100cft?

48. For construction road pavements, Which type of cement are generally used?

49. How shear capacity of Steel girder increases?

50. What is bulking?

51. Types Of DPC and its Thickness used?

52. How many bricks are there in 100 cubic ft?

53. Which are the Steel tests?

54. How much is the cover for the slab?

55. What is Packing Factor?

56. Forces in a Shear Wall are on a plane or out of a plane?

57. What is fineness modulus? and it’s sieve?

58. What is Base Shear?

59. What are Time period of a building and its relation with frequency?

60. There is two buildings one taller and one shorter whose time period will be greater and similarly the frequency?

61. What is the role of dicalcium silicate?

62. When will be the Strength of concrete is least?

63. What is workability?

64. What is Sulphate Resisting Cement?

65. What is the special thing in designing an overhead reservoir, which is different from an ordinary design?

66. What is the maximum %age of Steel in columns and beams?

67. What are the Types of foundation?

68. What is Passive earth pressure?

69. Which condition will prevail for the design of a swimming pool? when the pool is empty or when it is filled?

70. What will be the effect of over reinforcement?

71. Where will be the maximum bending moment, if a cantilever beam subjected to general loading?

72.  If the fineness modulus of a sand is 2.5, how it is graded as?

73. What is the effective slenderness ratio for a cantilever column?

74. How many numbers of bricks are required for one cubic meter of brick masonry?

75. what will be it is termed as, if a work costing Rs 20000.00?

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