10 Top Construction Companies In Oman

Civil engineers work at the highest level of the planning, design, construction, and operation of multifaceted projects or research, hence we bring you the List of 10 Top Construction Companies In Oman. The many variables involved require that they possess the ability to identify and evaluate complex problems. They must be able to then use their skill and training to develop cost-effective, safe, and efficient solutions.

Job Scope in the List Of 10 Top Construction Companies In Oman

Civil engineers typically work full time, and about 3 in 10 work more than 40 hours per week. Engineers who direct projects may need to work extra hours to monitor progress on the projects, to ensure that designs meet requirements, and to guarantee that deadlines are met.

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List Of Top Construction Companies In Oman

1. Bahwan Engineering Group

This is a leading Omani Construction one of the Top Construction Companies In Oman, Product Sales, and Support Services conglomerate, Top Construction Companies In Oman. They, as part of the Bahwan Holding, specialize in delivering solutions to diverse businesses in Oman and UAE. Beyond Their core business, They have an active investment arm and a chemical products manufacturing plant.

Sultanate of Oman
P. O. Box 703, Ruwi - 112.
Tel.: +968 24597510
Fax: +968 24597511
E-mail: becoman@becoman.com

2. National Mechanical Engineering Services

It is a leading supplier of worldwide industrial maintenance services. From daily maintenance to intervention based specialized operations, from onsite maintenance to workshop based repair works, from power plants to offshore rigs. It is one of the Top Construction Companies In Oman.

National Mechanical Engineering Services LLC
PO BOX 985
PC 116 Mina Al Fahal
Sultanate of Oman 
Mobile: +968 972 07020

3. JES

Since inception in 1997, the company provides highly regarded professional services to industrial, residential & commercial projects in Sultanate of Oman.They are committed to providing unique solutions, implementing innovative practices and always completing projects in a professional, effective, efficient and focused manner.They are one of the Top Construction Companies In Oman. They are committed to providing unique solutions, implementing innovative practices and always completing projects in a professional, effective, efficient and focused manner. JES is committed to providing quality professional engineering services, developing a long-term relationship, adapting to the changing needs of Their client, industry and meeting expectations of clients being a contributing member for the progress of the nation.

P.O. 529,
P.C. 131, 
Near Royal Hospital Signal Adjacent to Bank Muscat, 
Zakia Plaza Building, 
3rd Floor, Office No.: 31
Email :tender@jesoman.com
Phone no: +968 24590473

4. Technical Engineering Company LLC

This civil engineering company is Present in Oman for More than a Decade and is specialized in Turnkey Solutions in Automation, Instrumentation, Electrical, Hydraulics & Mechanical Systems and Solutions. Technical Engineering Company LLC is a Flagship Company of AL FAISAL Group of Companies. Technical Engineering Company LLC caters Diversified Domains with Main Focus on Water, Power, Infrastructure, Industries and Oil & Gas Segments.

P.O Box : 59, PC : 115, M.S.Q
Muscat, Sultanate Of Oman
Phone: +968 24503593
Fax: +968 24503573
Email: kumar@tecomanllc.com, tecoman@omantel.net.om

5. Hi-Tech Inspection Services

This company started serving the industry since 1996 by providing Their expertise and equipment in third-party engineering inspection, Non Destructive Testing (Advanced and conventional NDT), NDT personnel certification & qualification Services, API Training, Rope Access, Lifting Inspection & Integrity Management System –Consultancy Support Services ( Risk Based Inspection , Integrity Study of Plants , Research and Development for un-resolved technical inspection issues.

P.O. Box 1809, Ruwi
PC 112, Sultanate of Oman,
Tel: 24501134 / 24591212 /24592220
Fax: 24501132
E-mail: admin@hitechoman.net

6. The Spark

This which ignited the ONEIC story was struck in 1977 by a decision taken by the Council of Ministers of the Sultanate of Oman. As a result of this decision, Oman National Engineering & Investment Co. (S.A.O.G) was formed in 1978 to manage the Rural Electricity System for the Ministry of Electricity & Water Established. Oman National Electric Company (SAOG) started its Operations to serve the Electricity, Water, and Communication sector. Since inception, the company has registered steady growth backed by committed shareholders, progressive management with dynamism and dedicated professional staff around 4000. The company repositioned itself in diverse competitive global business.

Oman National Engineering and Investment Co., 
Way 3520, 
Plot 689, 
Area 2/17, 
Al Khuwair, 
Sultanate Of Oman.
Phone no: +968 2439 6222

7. RENARDET SA & Partners

They are part of the larger RENARD ET SA group with their Head Office in Geneva, Switzerland and falls under the umbrella of the BONIFICA Group with their head office in Italy. Renardet SA & Partners, Consulting Engineers LLC is a subsidiary of Renardet SA and serves the Group’s interests in the Middle East and North Africa. They have been operating successfully within the GCC countries in excess of 35 years now. The office has developed from small beginnings as a road consultant in Oman to a multi-disciplinary consultant with a strong presence in a number of the Gulf countries. Their regional office is in Oman and They have been establishing branch offices in other parts of the Gulf as needed.

Muscat Office
Renardet S.A. & Partners Consulting Engineers LLC
The building, No. 323
Way No. 4128, Dohat Al Adab Street, Al Khuwair
Muscat, Oman

8. Cemec Engineering & Trading LLC

This is a very versatile company that operates from the Sultanate of Oman. The company in its current form caters to the growing needs of BIG CONSTRUCTION, in the Gulf region. They at Cemec Engineering &Trading LLC are continually looking to better themselves and pave way for innovative, cutting-edge technologies which in turn leads to a job THEYLL-DONE & a happy client.

CEMEC Engineering & Trading LLC
P.O.Box 1235, PC:130 - Sultanate of Oman
Sultanate of Oman
Tel: +968-24422164

9. SERGAS Group

This is the pioneer in central gas systems and distribution of gas to domestic, commercial and industrial customers.SERGAS Group is the expert in the gas field in Gulf region, managed by an experienced and competent team offering quality products, reliable gas supply, and genuine customer service.The Group was initiated in 1988 by International Gas Services Est. and after 24 years became the most developed organization in its sector in the United Arab Emirates.

P.O. Box 579, Muscat
Abu Dhabi, UAE. 
Tel: +971 2 6732626
Fax: +971 2 6732627

10. Oman United engineering services

Their team of highly skilled and diversified employees, attending to every aspect of the project.Oman United engineering services

A rich multicultural team, adapting itself to the local customs and traditions of the region.A motivated team that can be readily mobilized to any part of the country.A team that enjoys the challenge of a ‘complex’ projects and can think ‘out-of-the-box “has been entrusted with a wide range and variety of assignments from both Government and Private sectors including many repeat clients signifying a high level of satisfaction with the rendered professional services.

PO Box No: 1620 
Postal Code: 130 Azaiba, 
Sultanate of Oman,
Tel / Fax : 24495916
Email ID : info@oues.com